Top 15 university courses that help you advance your sustainability career

Alison Azaria

Founder at fetch
sustainability courses

Looking to advance your sustainability knowledge?  Here are some paid and free online and/or blended sustainability programs and courses provided by some of the world’s top educational institutions that you can take advantage of. 

Who says you need to give up advancing your career getting an education?

Here are some paid programs:

  1. Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability
    University of New Castle
    Combination of online and face to face, online
  2. Master of Liberal Arts, Sustainability
    Harvard Extension School
    The sustainability degree program includes 12 courses, with at least one, three-week course taken on campus
  3. Master of Engineering in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship
    University of Arizona
  4. Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership
    University of Cambridge
    The course is delivered part time over two years. The programme is structured around 15 modules, delivered through a combination of residential workshops and e-modules.
  5. Sustainable Business Practices Certificate
    UC San Diego Extension
    All required coursework is offered both online and in-class
  6. Graduate Certificate in Sustainability Management and Policy
    PennState World Campus


Here are some free courses:

  1. Environmental Protection and Sustainability
    Start date: At your own pace
    Uncover better solutions to help manage a wide range of environmental problems and challenges facing our world today.
  2. Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development
    École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
    Start date: At your own pace
    Learn how to use technology innovation as a tool to fight poverty and enable sustainable development.
  3. Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy
    TU Delft
    Start date: November 6th, 2018
    Learn how to apply the principles of the circular economy to sustainable packaging systems.
  4. Creating and Sustaining an Innovation Culture
    The University of Queensland
    Start date: January 15th, 2019
    Learn how to scale and drive innovation in your organization by creating a culture that can sustain and support it.
  5. Energy Principles and Renewable Energy
    The University of Queensland
    Start date: At your own pace
    An introduction to the language of energy, key scientific principles that underpin energy systems, future energy challenges and available renewable energy options.
  6. Climate Science and Policy
    The University of Queensland
    Start date: At your own pace
    Understand climate science and the role of policy for transitioning to a low carbon energy supply.
  7. Engineering Design for a Circular Economy
    TU Delft
    Start date: At your own pace
    Discover and develop sustainable design and engineering methods to improve the reuse, repair, remanufacturing, and recycling of products for a circular economy.
  8. Circular Economy: An Introduction
    TU Delft
    Start date: At your own pace
    Learn how to contribute to a sustainable economic system by implementing novel business and design approaches
  9. Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management
    Lund University, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics , Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, National Technical University of Athens, Ghent University , Delft University of Technology
    Start date: November 12th, 2018
    This course looks at where important materials in products we use every day come from and how these materials can be used more efficiently, longer, and in closed loops.