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Based in the Netherlands, fetch is a digital platform that helps companies create a better world and planet through their business operations. By connecting sustainability and social innovators with corporate organizations, fetch hopes to help companies contribute to not only reaching its own sustainability goals but fulfilling United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We do this by actively researching for new innovations and encouraging innovators to submit their profile/company on fetch.


“Achieving the SDGs could unlock a $12 trillion a year of economic opportunities.”

– The Business and Sustainable Development Commission



Fetch is looking for knowledge and media partners who share the our same vision of fostering sustainability and social start-ups and connecting them to corporates.  Specifically, we are looking for NGOs, research and innovation hubs, sustainability networks and online media outlets for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Through our partnership program, your organization will be able to:

  • Be recognized as an organization that supports fetch’s vision
  • Benefit from mentions on fetch’s promotional materials
  • Depending on the nature of your organization, have your content be published on fetch
  • Opportunities to engage with our list of innovators exclusively
  • Opportunities to collaborate with fetch on white papers, joining on podcast and interviews

If you’re interested in discussing this partnership opportunity further, fill out our contact form here and let’s have a chat.