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sustainable yarns

A technology that converts plastic bottles into sustainable filament yarns and garments

perPETual Global manufactures high-quality recycled esters from post-consumer PET plastic bottles using our proprietary and patented technology. It can produce a product that is of an equal quality to that of traditional virgin materials, without the inclusion of any environmentally harmful chemicals or additives.

The company's first industrial-scale plant retrofitted with its technology; processes more than 2 million post-consumer PET plastic bottles per day into high-quality recycled filament yarn of various deniers, which it already supplies to some of the world’s top apparel brands such as Adidas, Decathlon and H&M to name a few.

Our technology can be used to manufacture any PET based product, not just filament yarns, we are able to convert used plastic bottles back into sustainable ester which can, in turn, be used to manufacture new bottles, packing film and textiles. We believe that we have created a technology that is highly scalable. Our goal is to recycle over 50,000,000 bottles a day by the end of 2021. The number of bottles discarded has reached over 1.5 billion per day, this is a global problem that requires a global solution. Please join us to make a positive impact on our planet.

textile recycling

Recycling cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable textiles

Evrnu is a revolutionary, new technology and business model that recycles cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable textiles. Evrnu fiber cuts water consumption by 98% compared to cotton, and co2 emissions released by 90% compared to polyester. Because the fiber is engineered, it can be customized to specific performance capabilities, and textiles made with Evrnu fiber are designed to be fully recyclable.

The clothing we wear is contributing to some of the world's worst environmental health issues. It takes over 700 gallons of water to make one T-Shirt. We create 12 million tons of textile waste each year in the U.S. Evrnu takes old clothing and turn it into fiber to be used in the making of new textiles.

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livestock virtual fence

A livestock virtual fence that increases production and cut costs

Agersens is a technology company based in Melbourne Australia. Agersens is developing an innovative solution to enable automated movement and control of livestock. This device connects animals to the internet and benefits farmers by increasing productivity and reducing operational costs, improving the health and welfare of livestock, and improving our environment by helping farmers prevent cattle polluting our waterways.

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According to a recent report by Business & Sustainable Development Commission, embedding sustainability and aligning the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to business operations could open economic opportunities worth up to US$12 trillion and increase employment by up to 380 million jobs by 2030.
Fetch bridges the gap between corporates and start-ups and helps businesses achieve their corporate sustainability goals that will help realize this US$12 trillion potential. Will you join us in this journey?
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